Ciò che stiamo facendo alle foreste del mondo non è che un riflesso speculare di ciò che stiamo facendo a noi stessi e gli uni agli altri.

Chris Maser, Foresta primordiale: Storia naturale di un'antica foresta

Sustainability and the Environment

When opting for the most modern or revolutionary technologies, it is easy to lose sight of the impact they have on our environment and the nature that surrounds us. It so happens that no matter how good a technological solution is, the only meaning we can attribute to it is the negative impact it has on our planet: carbon emissions, electronic waste, pollution.

For these reasons, Rights Chain has adopted standards of conduct and transparency in its activities.

These policies fall into two broad categories: direct actions and indirect actions.

Direct Actions

Direct actions are those where our choices determine our impact.

These actions include:

  • minimise paper consumption by digitising all processes
  • produce marketing materials only when necessary and, as far as possible, using solutions with highly recyclable or low environmental impact materials
  • minimise plastic consumption
  • introduce circular economy policies for electronic equipment

However, our direct actions are not only limited to materials or equipment, but also to the way we develop our software and solutions. The research and development process of our applications involves

  • searching for the most efficient solutions possible, so as to reduce execution time and thus the resources required and energy consumption
  • adopting the technologies needed to implement the solutions and their security
  • assessing the energy impact for each new technology evaluated for adoption

More information on our technologies can be found in the section of the same name.

Indirect actions

In 2022, we have introduced a policy of looking for and selecting technology partners, manufacturers and service providers that offer a clear policy of not just ethical transparency, but also environmental impact.

All of Rights Chain Ltd.'s services are currently run by OVH, a European Cloud service provider that regularly publishes the results of its environmental sustainability policy. As all our services depend on a strong information technology (IT) component, OVH was chosen because of their achievements and goals:

  • 91% of the total energy that powers its data centres is of renewable origin
  • 36% of electronic components are reconditioned or reused
  • 0.30 L/kWh is the efficiency level of water consumption to cool the data centres
  • 0.18 kg CO2 is the level of carbon dioxide emissions for the direct and indirect operation of its data centres

Information on the provider's sustainability is available on the provider's corporate website (link).


We have planned for 2024 the implementation of an automatically updated dashboard providing continuously updated visibility of the energy consumption of the rcRMS and rcAlice platforms.