rcRMS: Rights Management Platform

rcRMS: Rights Management Platform

rcRMS is a subscription cloud based service without the need to install third-party software.

Within rcRMS it is possible:

  • manage the assignment or concession contracts
  • manage active collaborators for each project
  • manage projects involving the various collaborators
  • access the cloud archive for storing all the originals
  • view the registration certificates saved in the Blockchain archive

The Authors of the content uploaded through the Rights Chain platform have access, in their account to:

  • list of all the companies with which it collaborates
  • visibility of all the jobs loaded into the project
  • full and digitally signed copy of the contracts associated with the individual job
  • a list of files transferred in the single month for billing purposes*

*the rcRMS or rcArtists platforms do not include billing or mediation services for the purchase of content.

Identity Validation

All subscriber's identity are verified: your creativity should be protected just like a bank account.

License Attribution

Let people know you have legal international rights on your work.

Cloud Archive

A Cloud Archive holds securely all your registered works for any need you may have.

Proof of Registration

Share the link to the Proof of Registration of your work whenever you need it.

Blockchain Technology

A Blockchain Registry that can't be tampered to better protect your creativity and rights.

Free Tier

5 Authors
10 Gb Storage
1 Projects
50 Works/month

Bronze Tier

24.99 EUR monthly/VAT Excluded
10 Authors
50 Gb Storage
5 Projects
250 Works/month

Silver Tier

99.99 EUR monthly/VAT Excluded
50 Authors
250 Gb Storage
25 Projects
1250 Works/month

Gold Tier

199.99 EUR monthly/VAT Excluded
250 Authors
1000 Gb Storage
50 Projects
2500 Works/month