If you create contents like illustrations, blogs, photographs, Copyright protects your work. Discover how our Platform can help you managing and protecting your creativity.

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If you use copyright protected contents or works, you may need a license or rights for its legitimate use. Discover rcRMS, the Copyright Rights Management platform for businesses.

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From our Blog

Another year has passed: 2019 closure notes and thoughts

by Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2020-01-03
Closure note from the CEO at Rights Chain: an intense year has just ended, a new challenging year has begun.

Getty Images shuts down Rights Managed model for a Royalty Free

by Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2019-11-11
If you are a Getty Images subscriber or photographer, you probably received an advisory where the licensing model turns from a Rights Managed (RM) model to a Royalty Free (RF) licensing mode. What's going on?

Using Rights Chain: commissioned works

by Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2019-10-25
This week we start a column of articles to talk about the reasons why it is important to think about copyright. Our first example will be about works done on commission.

EU Directive on Copyright: for big publishers, but not for independent authors

by Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2019-09-09
Long story short: in the next two years, all EU countries will have to adhere to the new directive on copyright. But what's hiding behind this new work that is supposed to protect creators?