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Artists and Creators

Artists and Creators

For those who create content, concept design or wish to protect their work, whether on commission or before publication or distribution: creativity has value.

Exhibitions and Museums

Exhibitions and Museums

New technologies and solutions for Museums and Exhibitions: a new dimension of art representation in the digital era.

Business and Professionals

Business and Professionals

Digital asset management: from start-ups to research and development companies, consulting and solutions on data protection and intellectual property.

Methods and Technologies

Methods and Technologies

Digital assets: threats, reliability, governance: methodologies and technologies that can be adopted for effective data management.

rcRMS is the platform created by Rights Chain for the management of Copyright and Intellectual Property.

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Interview with MochiChuu - cosplayer and influencer: when a hobby becomes a full-time job.

A conversation with Caterina Rocchi, aka "MochiChuu," regarding her own persona as an influencer in the sphere dedicated to cosplay; and consequently to the growing development of this world in the European cultural imagination: between NFT, copyright and personal identity.

By Yako, 2023-11-13, Creators

Interview with @fededeko - Should art schools prepare for the job market?

Good Morning!

We are here today with Fededeko, an artist from central Italy. In this interview, she introduces herself, discusses her educational journey in the artistic field, and then dwells on the importance of transparency regarding the work environment, both during school years and afterwards.

Enjoy the read!

By Yako, 2023-11-12

The SAG-AFTRA & WGA issue: What's happening in Hollywood?

Good Morning!

The issue we will discuss today has been ongoing since May 2023, pits two protagonists against a single enemy, the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers), and is characterized by a long series of negotiations.

The article here is intended as a comprehensive summary of the affair, from the perspective of both agents involved: the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

By Yako, 2023-10-29

Interview with Viennetta - Mental health & opinions regarding the Italian art scene

Good morning!

We are here today with Viennetta, an artist from northern Italy. In this interview they share their personal story with us, dwelling on the artistic path they have taken and the impact of art on mental health.

Enjoy the article! 

By Yako, 2023-10-15

Interview with Crimson @destiny_rahl - Illustrator and Writer with a taste for the ethereal.

Good Morning!

We're here today with Crimson, a freelance artist and writer from northern Italy. In this interview she shares with us her artistic and professional journey, dwelling on the art of writing. If you are interested in her first book, keep an eye on her Instagram account @destiny_rahl from early 2024!

In the meantime, enjoy the interview!

By Yako, 2023-10-01

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International Security & Digital Council

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"Cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. Law, technology and security."

The work by Michele Iaselli and Giovanni Caria investigates the Cyberwar phenomenon, meant as the use of computers and online networks to "fight" within the cyberspace. More specifically, it analyzes the subject of Cyberwarfare, the art of war in cyber environments, deepening the subject in question from the point of view of cyber attacks conducted against entire nations.

The book is divided into two parts; the first is dedicated to deepening and explaining Cybersecurity and everything that revolves around it, in close contact. They also dwell on computer crimes and everything that falls within the scope of "cyberwar". The second part, on the other hand, is full of first-hand testimonials and thoughts from IT experts.

EPC Editore, 2023-03-02
Interview on Danceland, July 2020

Interview on Danceland, July 2020

On page 67 of Danceland, the magazine dedicated to the world of electronic music, entertainment and DJs, an interview with Rights Chain and its activities in protecting and managing copyright in the digital age.
Danceland, 2022-04-22
Corriere della Sera: what other uses besides cryptocurrencies for blockchain

Corriere della Sera: what other uses besides cryptocurrencies for blockchain

Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" mentions Sebastian Zdrojewski, CEO at Rights Chain, about the use of Blockchain technology outside fintech, specifically applied to Copyright, 2022-03-07
A look at who's behind modernisation of the copyright processes

A look at who's behind modernisation of the copyright processes

Can blockchain play a role in the modernisation of the copyright processes? Rights Chain has been mentioned in this article by Andrew Hayward on Decrypt along with names like Sony, Microsoft, and other companies working on the copyright problem in the digital era, helping protect artists from pirates.

Decrypt / Andrew Hayward, 2020-01-12
New technologies for public health, between Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

New technologies for public health, between Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

As part of our new technology dissemination events, we had the privilege to address the topic of the blockchain during one of the ESOF 2020 events in Trieste. Sebastian Zdrojewski, Director of Rights Chain Ltd., had the opportunity to discuss the basics of blockchain technology, its limitations and myths alongside leading figures such as Marco Manca, Scientific Attaché CERN Geneva, who in turn spoke about Artificial Intelligence (or, more precisely, Machine Learning).
Federsanità FVG, 2019-12-11