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Interview with Sara Antonellini - Mama Bear to her community

Interview with Sara Antonellini - Mama Bear to her community

Good morning! We're here today with Sara Antonellini, an artist and colourist from Turin. In this interview, she shares her educational and professional journey with us, focusing on the importance of self-care

We deeply thank Sara for taking the time to talk to us, and we hope you enjoy the interview!

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Interview with @teddiorsa -  How Art influences Life Today.

Today we're interviewing @teddiorsa, stage name of Greta Balduzzi! She's sharing her experience in the digital art scene with us, focusing on the origin of her own artistic style as well. Read on for more information about our guest!

If you are interested in @teddiorsa's works, we recommend you to go check her Instagram account and have a look!

Interview with Mauro Toselli - Sketchnoter, Visual Maker, Visual Thinker

We are here today with Mauro Toselli, an artist native to Milan's surroundings. Chief Technology Officer at work, Sketchnoter, Visual Maker and Visual Thinker online. Mauro tells us about the origins of his creativity, sharing methodologies for cultivating it and thoughts regarding the Italian art scene.

You can find more information about the artist and his work at https://www.maurotoselli.com/ , or on Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon at @xLontrax.

Interview with @lsangelina - An Indonesian Artist living in Tokyo

Good morning! Our interviews move away once again from the European panaroma, today we immerse ourselves in the art scene of South East Asia. We're interviewing Lou, aka @lsangelina14, an Indonesian digital artist who currently lives in Tokyo.

Check out Lou's Twitter profile if you want to see their work, you won't be disappointed!

Interview with @meltyrice - A Freelance Digital Artist from the US.

We're here today with Kim, aka @meltyrice, an American digital artist whose style primarily focuses on anime aesthetics. In this interview she tells us about the origins of her passion and her opinions regarding the future of art!

You can find Kim on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch as @meltyrice, and if you are interested in a complete catalogue of her artworks, we invite you to go to her website https://meltyrice.art/.

Interview with Talita Lily - italian comic artist and mangaka

We are here today with Talita Lily, an artist originally from Cuneo who currently works as a mangaka and cartoonist, also collaborating with the foreign scene. You can find Talita on Instagram as @talita._.art!

In the interview she talks about the origin of her art and her opinion on the art scene nowadays.

Interview with @tuonipaints - a self-taught finnish artist

In 2022 we began interviewing various artists on the European scene (and not!), giving them another means by which to tell their stories. Giving a voice to those willing to share their experiences with us is an honor and an activity we plan to continue.

Today we meet Eero, a Finnish artist who learned to draw through Internet, later broadening his horizons. You can find him on Twitter as @tuonipaints, and on Instagram as @eero.paints.


Twitter charges for two-factor authentication

On 19 March 2023, only users with 'Twitter Blue' subscription will be able to use two-factor authentication via SMS. What impact will this change have on the security of user accounts?

Rights Chain v.2023

The year 2023 has begun, but our work has not stopped. So here is a quick rundown of news and projects to give a preview of what we have in store for the current year.

Influencers and Reputation: would you compromise your reputation to promote a fraud?

Fame leads to temptation: there are dozens, if not hundreds, of cases of influencers promoting - more or less intentionally - NFT or crypto projects that turn out to be scams against their followers. If you are a content creator, would you compromise your reputation by creating or promoting a scam?

Is it legal to produce and sell merchandise based on Genshin Impact?

There are countless artists inspired by things like Genshin Impact to create fan-made merchandise. But is it legal to do so? And if you want to do it legally, what should you do? An in-depth look at fandom, fanart and commercial exploitation rights.

Launching rcBleach™: create NFTs from any image removing any watermark and copyright

An app that allows you to remove watermarks and signatures from any image found on the Internet, remove any copyright and instantly convert it to NFT. Learn more about the rcBleach™ app made by Rights Chain.