Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not.

Paul Klee

rcRMS is the platform built by Rights Chain to help Artists and Creatives protect their work in the digital age.


Create your own Works, give free rein to your creativity: illustrations, photographs, design, music or stories.


Create an indestructible proof of authenticity of your Work with the associated copyright licence of your choice - all in less than five minutes.


Share your Work how and where you want: social media, via email or messenger. If you prefer, you can attach the proof of registration with a short link or QR code on the physical copies.


Has someone abused your work? Use the registration certificate or our services to protect your creativity.

rcRMS for Content Creators

A result of years of study, work and discussion with content creators, rcRMS™ is the digital content management platform created by Rights Chain for Artists and Authors.

A set of technologies in continuous evolution and improvement through which, digital and traditional content creators are able to:

  • register and create a time stamp of your work
  • attribute your name, pseudonym or artistic name
  • associate a copyright licence
  • create a registration certificate that can be consulted at any time in the event of disputes

A set of wizards help the author register their work by explaining, step by step, the features related to the copyright law of their country of origin.

The details of each work are saved in a blockchain registry shared among Rights Chain Partners participating in the distributed ledger dedicated to copyright and intellectual property: works are thus verifiable through the entire network of Partners participating in the initiative.

The registration is associated with a link with the proof of registration in which there is a preview of the work (if available, in reduced and watermarked format), the data of the author, the country of origin and the associated copyright license. In addition, links to the author's social media channels are be provided.

The original work is stored in rcArchive, a cloud-based archiving solution created by Rights Chain to protect the original work.

In addition to the rcRMS™ platform, Rights Chain offers support services and advice on intellectual property protection for specific issues or scenarios.

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Creator Features

Identity verification of each and every Content Creator registered to the Platform.
Attribution, date of registration and copyright license associated to every work.
A backup copy of the original Work is held in our cloud storage.
Short URL and QR codes to your profile and Works, with links to your social media always verified, monitored and updated.
Tools and support for copyright infringement and protection proceedings.
Reverse image search engine, to reduce the risk of uploading similar images
Periodic search on the Internet for the presence of registered Works and automatic reporting
Pseudonyms and Aliases
Management of multiple pseudonyms and art names and related social media channels
Blockchain Registry
Blockchain Registry to prevent any alteration or deletion of the Proofs of registration.
Proof of Registration
Link to registration certificate always accessible
Privacy and Discretion
Confidentiality and secrecy of any data or information received or processed

Types of supported Works

Podcasts and Recordings
Books and Drafts
Research and Dissertations
Comic Books
Concept Design
Online Courses

Prices and Subscription Plans



Monthly fee Free
Tokens per month 2
Authors 1
Contacts 5
Storage 2 Gb
Coming Soon


Monthly fee EUR 4.50
Tokens per month 10
Authors 2
Contacts 10
Storage 25 Gb
Coming Soon


Monthly fee EUR 19.00
Tokens per month 50
Authors 5
Contacts 20
Storage 100 Gb
Coming Soon


Monthly fee EUR 99.00
Tokens per month 250
Authors 5
Contacts 50
Storage 500 Gb