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Twitter removes photo from Trump tweet after New York Times copyright complaint
Even if you are the highest role in a country, you are not entitled to infringe someone's copyright. Twitter has reportedly removed a picture under an infringement proceeding submitted by the NYTimes.
Thievery Corporations: Don Henley on How Giant Online Platforms Rip Off Creators — And How Congress Can Help
An interesting point of view on how the tech-giants are (quoting) ripping content creators off their rights as copyright owners. And how the DMCA is so obsolete to be unable to defend content creator rights in the current times.
This Instagram Copyright Infringement Notice is a Phishing Scam
Be aware of a phishing campaign aimed to gather instagram account access masked as a copyright ingringement notification.
Twitch protects original creators and their copyright by banning DJ sets
Did you think only YouTube could be a problem when it comes to copyright strike? Well it turns out since June '20 also Twitch streamers are at risk of takedown or ban under the DMCA in order to "support creators and their intellectual property"
Instagram Will Impose \
As online and live events keep getting more and more needed, socialmedia websites are limiting the use of copyright protected material to avoid infringement and problems. What's new about Instagram and their new 90 second rule?
AI Is Getting More Creative. But Who Should Own the Art It Produces?
The more AI goes on, the more credit it's being given to its creativity. Which, so far, has been a human only characteristic. But who should own the copyright of an AI created, allegedly, artwork?
Telegram Drops TON Cryptocurrency Project After US Prohibits Global Distribution
Telegram is one of the most respected and trustworthy brands on the market. And yet, amid 1.7b$ of funding, they are dropping the cryptocurrency project TON based on the Blockchain technology.
Google Deleted Links to News Stories on Crime, Corruption, Fraud Based on Bogus Copyright Claims
Tens of thousands of links to news have been taken down by Google based on fake copyright claims issued by fake accounts built specifically for this purpose.
Intellectual property 101: a primer
A quick essay on law for fashion according to the US copyright laws. Differences between Copyright, Patent and Trademark.
Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody, Release Them to Public Domain
What would happen to Copyright if someone created any possible melody and release it to the PublicDomain? This is what two musician/programmers are doing using AI to create as much as 300K melodies per second.
The Mistake So Bad, That Even YouTube Says Its Copyright Bot ‘Really Blew It’
What happens if a content platform becomes so big that creators start being scared of copyright claims when those don't even exist? This is what happened a while ago (and perhaps is still going on) on YouTube and its ContentID
6 things designers should know about copyright infringement
As more and more digital content is generated every day, ignoring about basics on copyright is no longer an option. Here comes a guide for artists and designers published last year with help from the Cultural Industries Fund NL (Netherlands)
Can you fix it? The tension between the right to repair and intellectual property rights
Can you repair something you bought? As more and more software is embedded in machinery, the principle of DIY and fixing your own stuff is becoming a struggle and a potential copyright infringement.
SaskTel notifies 30,000 customers about illegal downloads
More and more publishers are keeping an eye on illegal downloads from peertopeer services, notifying service providers. SaskTel has indeed notified 30.000 customers, even those who are not downloading content.
Another decision on AI-generated work in China: Is it a Work of Legal Entities?
Again about AI and Copyright: is a content generated by a computer eligible for copyright protection? Is it legal? As another decision comes from China about Tencent digital copywriter, the topic becomes more and more intense.
3 Former Executives Of Loen Entertainment Indicted For Embezzling Royalties While Operating Melon
It's almost always a matter of people. Three former executives at Melon are charged of embezzling 15.2 million USD in royalties while operating at the company. This is the result of the cyber investigation in Seoul about this copyright scandal.
South Korea Requests Interpol Red Notice to Track Down Pirate Site Operator
How serious is piracy? According to Korea's ministry of Culture, it's enough to request a RedNotice at the Interpol, usually used for really serious crimes. The alleged criminal is an Australian citizen hosting a torrent site with almost 455.000 copyright works.
The UK won’t implement EU’s controversial copyright directive after Brexit
Brexit will allow the UK to avoid implementing the EU directive on copyright. This means, there will be neither LinkTax nor UploadFilter coming anytime soon. But is it all that good?
YouTube let Warner Bros. copyright strike my content before it existed
Can you receive a copyright strike for a content that does not exist yet? According to YouTube yes you can. This is a case where a content creator has been banned from a live before the schedule ever started!
Blockchain for digital content signature and integrity check
Digital Content is as common as data loss. Would blockchain technology be of any help? If so, any example? From Rights Chain CEO's blog, a series of articles about technology and examples of its applications.
New blockchain-based music streaming service Audius is a copyright nightmare
Startup, Blockchain (public) and Copyright: what could possibly go wrong? A lot, and it's not (just) us talking about it: the single technology is not the solution, and it seems it's even getting things worse.
Why Patents and Copyrights Matter
Why do patent and copyright matter? An interview to explore the reasons why.
YouTubers face £4,600 bill over copyright claims
Running a YouTube channel about memes? Turns out that according to terms and conditions, your channel could be terminated for copyright claims: like it happened to MxR or PotasticPanda. Not to mention the fine.
The Legal Implications Of Emoji
Using Emojis or creating new ones may not be as simple as it sounds. What are the legal limitations to their use? Can they be covered by copyright? Can their use be considered a registered trademark violation?
Even Disney’s Lawyers Can’t Stop an Army of Bootleg Baby Yodas
How unexpected: Disney can't control the movemement behind baby Yoda from starwars. The digital content can't rely on old methods of copyright enforcement, we wonder if they will ever admit that.
ECJ to hear Google\'s Youtube case for copyright infringement
The ECJ (European Court of Justice) is about to rule out whether rightsholders should ask for compensation for works uploaded by other users.
DIY tractor repair runs afoul of copyright law
What does a farmer and copyright have in common? Well, seems that repairing your software could violate the US DMCA and DRM lockdowns on softwares installed on various devices. You may want to know that before touching your new IoT device.
WIPO Raises Questions About Artificial Intelligence and Copyright
AI and creativity seems to be the topic: WIPO has launched a public consultation about Artificial Intelligence and intellectual property.
The meme phenomenon has become widely spread recently, but the origins of the definition dates back to 1976. They are a nice and effective way of sharing an idea or a message.
New year, new content entering into the public domain. Check out this list of horror movies entering the public domain as of 2020
Should You Be Using a Pen Name?
Should you be using a pseudonym for your artworks? Why? How? Learn more from this short essay by Helen Sedwick on the topic.
What the new Swiss copyright law means for consumers of pirated online content
On September 2019 Switzerland drafted a new copyright reform for the digital age. What will it mean for those who used Swiss based hosting providers to share pirated content?
Another year has passed: 2019 closure notes and thoughts
Another year has passed: what happened during the past year at Rights Chain, what is new to come in 2020? Check out our closing notes by @En3pY
MPC, Studio Who Worked on Sonic and Detective Pikachu, Closes Its Doors
Successful movies, seemingly, does not always mean "success for all". MPC studios, who worked at movies like Detective Pikachu and Sonic, winner of an Oscar award, announced it is closing its doors. Effective immediately. Why?
Youtube copyright trolls Adrev claim to own a homemade MIDI rendition of 1899\'s Flight of the Bumblebee
What if your video on YouTube gets taken down for copyright infringement over the 1899's Flight of the Bumblebee? We're seeing a lot of this happening lately and it doesn't sound really promising for creators on YouTube.
France accuses Google of flouting EU copyright law meant to help news publishers
Thanks to the EU Directive on copyright, France is attempting to sanction Google News for ignoring "the spirit and the letter" of the reform. Article13 is still trying to be enforced, for the fourth time this century.
Sette, di Martina Fari e Fabrizio Capigatti, Remer Comics
The monthly essay of Indieversus presents the review of Sette, a comic book by Remer Comics, created by Martina Fari and Fabrizio Capigatti.
Past Lives in Kodachrome: Anonymous family photographs from the midcentury
In 1950s Instagram didn't exist, so people used to take pictures on 35mm cameras. A project by Lee Shulman shows materials on his "The Anonymous Project" that collects more than 700.000 images since 2017.
Perché registrarsi a Rights Chain richiede un documento di identità?
We're rejecting on average 70% of subscription requests because we can't verify subscriber's identity. Why? Because we are committed to protect your Copyright rights.
South Africa\'s copyright bill is good for digital archives. Here\'s why
While Europe and US struggles behind copyright act modernization, good news comes from Africa, where copyright bills are pretty promising.
Italy’s copyright body SIAE to use Algorand public blockchain
The Italian SIAE (copyright collecting company) has announced the adoption of blockchain technology for copyright enforcement. Whereas it's only a change announcement, it'll be interesting to keep an eye on what happens next.
Photographer wins copyright lawsuit over embedded tweets, now sues more publications
Embedding a tweet on your blog or website? It might lead to a copyright infringement case as this story of a photographer suing several publications for embedding his work in their articles.
Can You Show Netflix in Class? Copyright for Teachers Made Simple
As digital becomes more popular in school, its use can be troubling. So what happens if a teacher streams a video from Netflix during class? It might become a copyright infringement.
Who owns an AI-generated invention?
Again about AI and Copyright: who owns an AI generated invention? This seems to be quite the topic as ethics and moral rights are kicking in the AI research field, so what about creativity?
The Most Important Court Decision For Data Science and Machine Learning
Data Mining and Machine Learning (by Google) vs. the Authors Guild, or what's wrong about a machine using copyright protected content to train their search engine.
What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular?
It's taking more and more space, and it's getting more popular among creatives of all kind. What's all the fuzz about Design Thinking and its basics?
The USPTO wants to know if artificial intelligence can own the content it creates
Can an AI hold and claim copyright on something? It seems something being debated in the The United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO is seeking for comments on the matter
Open access to teaching material – how far have we come?
Almost two decades after the declaration set out in the Budapest Open Access Initiative, access to the research literature for educational purposes remains limited.
Will The Music Industry Ever Catch Up With the Internet?
As the Music industry is struggling to renew its way of thinking, what is happening on the Internet? You can claim a copyright infringement without even the need of demonstrating you own the rights!
Blog - Digital Data: how do you distinguish true from fake?
Every day massive amount of content is created. But also altered copies or fakes. How do you prove a source?