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Our Services at a glance

We listened a lot and worked hard to bring to life this project. We are happy to present you the initial set of products our Platform can offer to Artists:

  • Register your Artworks
  • Attribute License
  • Original Copy Conservation
  • Proof of Registration
  • Identity Verification
  • Privacy Aware
  • More coming in future

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From our Blog

Fan-Art and Copyright

Fan-Art and Copyright

by Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2018-01-31

If I draw a Fan-Art, am I infringing the copyright of the original author?

Internet and Copyright: the time dilemma (part 1)

Internet and Copyright: the time dilemma (part 1)

by Rights Chain Initiative, 2017-11-20

When we use the Internet as a mere tool for sharing information and documents, we usually tend to think of what will happen in the next few hours.

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