Rights Chain for Authors and Creators

Rights Chain for Authors and Creators

Are you an Artist sharing your Artworks over the Internet?

The Rights Chain Platform may be the answer to your worries about your Intellectual Property protection. Through our Platform, you can register your Artworks before sharing them, and attribute a licence to them - either Creative Commons or generic all rights reserved Copyright, and therefore have Proof of Registration and ownership of your art.

Subscription to Rights Chain starts from a free tier that allows you to:

  • Register up to 2 Artworks per month
  • Safely store up to 2 Gb of Original Artworks in cloud

The 2 "Tokens" per month are cumulable: if you don't register any Artwork within a month, you won't lose them, and they will sum up with the ones you earn the following month.

Once an Artwork is registered, you can download, share or see the Proof of Registration at any time with no "Token" consumption or paid subscription required.

If you wish to start the subscription process, please choose below the profile that best describes your activity and submit the form.

Identity Validation

All subscriber's identity are verified: your creativity should be protected just like a bank account.

License Attribution

Let people know you have legal international rights on your work.

Cloud Archive

A Cloud Archive holds securely all your registered works for any need you may have.

Proof of Registration

Share the link to the Proof of Registration of your work whenever you need it.

Blockchain Technology

A Blockchain Registry that can't be tampered to better protect your creativity and rights.

Free Subscription

Free monthly

Bronze Subscription

2.99 EUR monthly

Silver Subscription

11.99 EUR monthly

Gold Subscription

35.99 EUR monthly