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How does Rightschain work?

We gathered a massive set of services to protect the Intellectual Property of Artists who subscribe to our platform, with the goal of making the process of registering and holding a copy of a Digital Artwork easy and effective. In fact, in order to register an Artwork with our platform all you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to our Services
  2. Upload the Artwork in your personal account
  3. Attribute a usage Licence to your Artwork, either Creative Commons or generic Copyright
  4. Proceed with the registration

In less than a minute your Artwork will be securely stored on our systems and a Proof of Registration will be available at any time in the event of copyright infringement or piracy of your creation.

Within this page, you may find further information about our services and major details about their proof of concept.

Artwork Registration

Register your Artwork before publishing so you can set the right licensing and prove your ownership of it!

Identity Validation

We are committed to the value of our subscriber's Artworks, therefore we validate every single Artist's identity.

License Attribution

Attribute a Creative Commons or other Copyright license to your artwork.

Original Copy Archive

Store your Original Artworks in cloud so you won't have to worry about their backups or corruption.


Your privacy is our concern: all services have been developed to protect your privacy and ownership data integrity.

Proof of Registration

Get a Proof of your Artwork's registration with its date and attributed license anytime you need.

Free Subscription

Free monthly

Bronze Subscription

3.00 EUR monthly

Silver Subscription

12.00 EUR monthly

Gold Subscription

36.00 EUR monthly