Press and Events

Rights Chain always tries to keep in touch with the Artists to stay up-to-date with the situation of the field involved with copyright.

Some of the events and projects we participated in:

- Blockchain in Sanità (November 2018)

- CopyCamp Warsaw 2018 (October 2018)

- Celebrating our first birthday at Fumettopolis 2018! (September 2018)

- Rights Chain, Indieversus and FiscArtista at La Sagra dei Fumetti in Verona (video in Italian) (June 2018)

- Sebastian Zdrojewski talks about Blockchain at the 58th AFI symposium in Rimini (June 2018)

- Sebastian Zdrojewski, CEO of the company, works on the Blockchain Life Science Lab project in Florence (article in Italian) (Corriere dell'Innovazione - May 8th, 2018)

- Rights Chain participates in the 2018 Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, Canada (April 2018)

- Presentation at the 2017 San Donà Fumetto fair (video in Italian) (October 2017)

- CopyCamp in Warsaw (October 2017)

- Presentation at the 2017 Fumettopolis fair in Novara (article in Italian) (September 2017)

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