Rights Chain for Artists: the copyright management platform

Rights Chain for Artists: the copyright management platform

At a time when the Internet has changed content management, there is a need for a new way of thinking and acting in matters of Author’s Rights and Copyright.

Internet sites, portals and social networks are constantly being fed user-generated content, multimedia content created and uploaded by the registered users themselves. This type of content, which is the product of the users’ creativity and ingenuity, is usually copied, shared and reproduced, often becoming viral. And this content is far too often used even for commercial purposes (directly or indirectly) at the expense of Authors’ moral and economic rights.

Rights Chain created a platform through which Authors and Artists can register their Artworks and choose a licence for them between generic copyright or one from the Creative Commons framework.

Among the technologies Rights Chain adopted to build its platform are Blockchain for unalterable data storage and Object Storage for long-term saving.

Rights Chain Initiative is the company division which also manages information and education activities for Artists to help them know how to protect their intellectual property thanks to regular attendance at events around Copyright, fairs and artistic events, or collaborating with art schools where it holds courses developed ad hoc.

The Rights Chain for Artists platform is available at www.rightschain.net