BC Lab Milano 2018

BC Lab Milano 2018

Event organised by Rights Chain Ltd. in Milan on November 22nd, 2018 aiming to introduce the Blockchain techcnology with its basic features and technological limitations.

The event was organised in collaboration with Rights Chain's Partners:

Some topics around the technology that were highlighted during the workshop:

  • the "hype" around it and around FinTech applications (Sebastian Zdrojewski, Rights Chain Ltd.)
  • the basics of Blockchain technology (Sebastian Zdrojewski, Rights Chain Ltd.)
  • potential applications in the Pharmaceutical industry (Jacopo Montigiani, JSB Solutions S.r.l.)
  • demo of application in the clinical field (Audit Trail) (Duccio Micela, JSB Solutions S.r.l.)
  • demo of application in the field of intellectual propertycopyright (Sebastian Zdrojewski, Rights Chain Ltd.)

During the various speeches, some interesting points were raised on the concrete applicability of this technology, such as:

  • what are the legal implications of a potential widespread use?
  • could it make sense to use the private ledger in a single organisation?
  • would the technology be of support to affiliated companies with high Governance?
  • what are the concrete implications of its implementations from a company process point of view?

Rights Chain for Business offers consultancy and training services in the technological field on issues concerning Data Protection, Intellectual Property and Copyright.