Warsaw CopyCamp 2017 News

We took part in the most important European event on copyright. Here is a brief preview.

On September 28th and 29th, CopyCamp, the most important European event on Copyright, took place in Warsaw (Poland). Because of the aim of our platform and initiative, we decided to take part in this event.

The event was interesting from every point of view: the subjects treated went from the copyright itself, to the problem of fake news destroying the world of the media, to questions linked to human rights and right to education. With the participation of world-level leading figures, we attended presentations held by Google, Mozilla and Creative Commons, plus a long list of participants from public institutions.

We had the opportunity to get in touch with a group of exceptional people, who are active in the reform and copyright protection in all fields: art, writing, news, photography, fashion.

With this, we're getting to the heart of our initiative: less than six months after it was founded, and two weeks after its inauguration at FumettoPolis in Novara, Rights Chain actively begins its research and development to find solutions to help Authors protect their rights in the digital age.

(And already have a good set of them available).

In the next weeks, we will be publishing new content and information on this event and news concerning our Initiative!

Sebastian Zdrojewski

System, Network and Data Security advisor for over 20 years, in 2017 co-founded Rights Chain, a company aiming the development of copyright and intellectual property protection and enforcement solutions.

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