Fumettopolis 2018 Opinions

A short reflection after the Fumettopolis 2018 event organised by Indieversus in Novara.

Fumettopolis is over once again. This 2018 edition is a special one for Rights Chain: the celebration of our first anniversary and it was nice to share a toast with the Indieversus team.

A lot happened within Rights Chain in a year. We started with nothing, but our intentions and effort, and we tried putting together tools to help Artists manage their Artworks and especially their intellectual property. A task that is not easy to accomplish, but represents a cultural heritage as testimonial of people's creativity.

In the past year, we worked hard to create a simple platform for Artists to register their works, creating a database of Artworks with their attributed licences. Because the "I found it on the Internet" excuse can't keep being used to damage those who invested their time, money and life into creating an illustration, a story or a musical track.

As of today, nearly 800 artworks have been registered on our platform. All born of the passion and effort of each Artist who made them.

Rights Chain is actively working to create a unique platform. During our first year of work, we have already begun participating in international events. First as viewers, like at the Warsaw 2017 CopyCamp, then we got the chance to talk about our own ideas at the Creative Commons Global Summit held in Toronto last April.

We had the opportunity to support our statements thanks to what we were told by the Artists we met on our way.

Concerning Rights Chain for Artists, we're not done just yet. At the Novara event, we also announced we are organising lessons on copyright. Basic courses which will give Artists and Authors a foundation for the management of their economic and moral rights. We are working with some illustration and comics schools and organising courses in the biggest italian cities. By the end of September, we will publish the schedules of the Milan, Rome and Turin courses (dates and places will be communicated at the proper time). These lessons will be free for all Artists who have subscribed to our platform

Last but not least, on September 17th we will launch the Rights Chain for Business division, which will focuse on the private business world. A division which already proved it's ready to face this field, having already participated in events on the pharmaceutical industry and Life Science. The RC for Business division is also already focused on pharmaceutical research, fashion and data protection.

A very important and busy first year.

We would like to thank the whole Indieversus team, for the work they put into organising the Fumettopolis event, and all the people we got a chance to talk to. A honorary thank you also goes to all Artists who are already subscribed to our Platform, allowing us to continuously improve our service and understand what their needs are, so that we could find the right answer.

Sebastian Zdrojewski

System, Network and Data Security advisor for over 20 years, in 2017 co-founded Rights Chain, a company aiming the development of copyright and intellectual property protection and enforcement solutions.

Last update 2018-09-12

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