August 2018 Updates Preview News

A quick preview of the updates to the Rights Chain platform made in August 2018.

Between July and August, our staff has been busy with the maintenance and update of the Rights Chain platform. Among the changes that were made, we have introduced some new functions which are already available to registered users:

  • the possibility to create multiple pseudonyms (or aliases) so that you can register your works under different identities;
  • we shortened the link to the licence, to make it less invasive and easier to manage;
  • the possibility to download a QR Code to the licence of the registered Artwork.

These are only some of the functions already available within the platform and we're planning to release more in early September.

Pending registrations

Due to the above mentioned works, we have been unable to validate some users within the past two months. To apologise for the issue, we will contact all affected Artists to validate their accounts and add a bonus of 10 additional RCoins to their accounts. Once again, we're sorry for the inconvenience.


Sebastian Zdrojewski

System, Network and Data Security advisor for over 20 years, in 2017 co-founded Rights Chain, a company aiming the development of copyright and intellectual property protection and enforcement solutions.

Last update 2018-09-03

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