Reverse Image Search

Did you know that there is a very simple way to check the status of your artworks on the Internet

Published on 03/12/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

NSFW and forced removal: what happens to the copyright?

What happens to our rights over our content if it is removed from the web for any reason?

Published on 27/11/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

In which countries are my rights over an artwork recognised, and for how long?

What does the Berne convention say about this?

Published on 22/11/2018 by Redazione Rights Chain

Character Design

A number of linked elements can lead to a well-designed character, if the final objective is clear.

Published on 08/10/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

Bowser, Bowsette, Nintendo and FanArts: how much are fandoms worth?

What's the worth of fandoms for entertainment giants? Nintendo allows us (once again) to realise how heavily the fanart "market" can influence the success of companies.

Published on 01/10/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

Fumettopolis 2018

A short reflection after the Fumettopolis 2018 event organised by Indieversus in Novara.

Published on 12/09/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

August 2018 Updates Preview

A quick preview of the updates to the Rights Chain platform made in August 2018.

Published on 03/09/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

Creativity, Internet and Business: "Be like Bill"

A short digression on a business choice consequent to an Internet success which recently fired up some Artists.

Published on 11/07/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

Cosplay & Copyright

Could cosplay be considered a Copyright infringement?

Published on 20/06/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

The myth on the absolute certainty of RAW files

We have heard far too many times that "RAW" files are absolute proof of authority over a photo, so we decided to go in depth on the subject.

Published on 06/06/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski