This is our Vision

Where does an Artwork begin? When was it truly realized, and by whom? How can you prove it?

In the age when the Internet, and with it all the various social networks, allows the distribution of global content almost instantly, the downside of the popularity one can gain, is the difficulty of proving the ownership of the original work. Artists produce digital content of all kinds: illustrations, sketchnotes, drawings, photographs, 3D models, ideas, projects. Masterpieces of intellect which in turn constitute inspiration for old and new generations, and instill emotions into who observe or admire them.

Artists are faced with the opportunity to produce works and spread them all over the world in a few seconds. On the other hand, they are constantly living in a condition in which their works are redistributed by individuals who contrary, they are living constantly in the condition in which their works come redistributed by other individuals who claim ownership, in other words, magically turn them into their own creations.

The digital market of Internet, and that of patent and copyright companies even before the digital age, still offers an extensive portfolio of services for copyright protection, intellectual property, creativity, or genius, with often inaccessible costs for someone looking to the world of any form of Art, forcing them to spread their creations without any protection that can somehow be used to their advantage, such as professional engagement.

Rights Chain Initiative was born by observing this scenery, and wants to offer artists of the digital age a simple tool that allows them to spread their creations with greater protection, and above all with copyright defined by the Berne Convention. The protection is automatic, no registration is required and no copyright notice is required, either.

Rights Chain Initiative was born with the idea of creating a new global collaborative paradigm in which Artists have at their disposal tools that are simple, but at the same time solid and avant-garde, to support the diffusion of their creations and to find tools that can support them on a professional level.

There is a whole ecosystem of services, companies, publishers gravitating around artists, and Rights Chain intends to create a Platform of Services that will allow Artists to feel reassured when interacting with this ecosystem.

In an age when Social Networks and online services have completely lost the sense of "humanity" between a service provider and the final user, Rights Chain intends to overturn this paradigm with an extremely challenging initiative: to create a human relationship between the Artist and the platform, by keeping direct contacts with artists, such as participating in fairs or events.

Because the intellect and the abilities of individuals are something that from an ethical and moral standpoint requires someone to take the initiative and decide to fight to defend it.

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