Rights Chain was born with the idea of giving artists of the digital age a number of tools to help them defend their inventive, creative and intellectual property.

Tools that will enable them to prove they are the true authors of a digital work distributed through dispersive and uncontrollable channels such as the Internet and Social Networks.

Based on the fact that the tools may require continuous innovation, it is part of the Rights Chain mission to maintain continuous research & development in constant contact with the artists and all actors involved in the ecosystem gravitating around the artists. The same with the aim of adapting existing tools and continuing to innovate its platform, providing new features that can help the artists in their work.

In order to create more and more useful and effective tools for Artists, Rights Chain intends to establish relationships and collaborations with Publishers and Academies, companies that offer services or products for Artists in order to center around each single artist the possibility of drawing on whatever may be of support, interest or assistance.

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