EU Directive on Copyright: for big publishers, but not for independent authors

Long story short: in the next two years, all EU countries will have to adhere to the new directive on copyright. But what's hiding behind this new work that is supposed to protect creators?

Published on 09/09/2019 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

So, what happens when your art gets posted by an influencer?

What happens when your art gets posted on a social media by an influencer like Elon Musk?

Published on 16/06/2019 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

Digital Art, commissions and scams

Scam and phishing events happen constantly on daily basis, but the effect on someone’s reputation can be quite tough. Being an Artist and having an important follower base could make you a target for many kinds of “social engineering” attacks

Published on 15/03/2019 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

New scam campaign on Instagram: account verification

A new scam and phishing campaign is running and targeting Instagram account owners with an interesting amount of followers: verifying your identity.

Published on 07/03/2019 by Sebastian Zdrojewski

Rights Chain Gallery

We're glad to introduce you to one of the first events that Rights Chain will organise in 2019 together with the association OchaCaffé

Published on 13/12/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

Rights Chain Update

Today we released an update to our platform which adds three buttons under each picture in our gallery.

Published on 11/12/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

Interview to Giorgia Lanza

Giorgia Lanza talks with us about her experience on solving an incident where her copyright was being infringed

Published on 10/12/2018 by Redazione Rights Chain

The root of art on Tumblr

Tumblr isn't just deleting porn, it's removing the roots of digital art; maybe it's not that important however, after all there's so much lewd art online that we'll have forgotten all about these artists in a few days.

Published on 05/12/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

Reverse Image Search

Did you know that there is a very simple way to check the status of your artworks on the Internet

Published on 03/12/2018 by Luca Donnarumma

NSFW and forced removal: what happens to the copyright?

What happens to our rights over our content if it is removed from the web for any reason?

Published on 27/11/2018 by Sebastian Zdrojewski