The digital era supplied a massive amount of tools that allows Artists to share their creations instantaneously worldwide. In this simple yet powerful gesture, however, an important aspect went missing. The copyright that belongs to any Artist towards his or her creations, his or her Artworks. With the expansion of the amount of technologies that allow sharing and distributing digital contents, apparently few thought of the very starting point of those Artworks, the very moment they were created and became Artworks.

Rights Chain is being founded on the idea of supplying Artists with a simple tool that allows them to mark the date of birth of their own Artworks, in a verifiable way (even by a third party), that marks in a persistent way the date and Author of an Artwork. By using multiple digital signature technologies and a Blockchain mechanism, we developed the Rights Chain Platform hereby.


Our services

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Original Copy Conservation
  • Proof of Registration
  • Identity Verification
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News & Updates

Internet and Copyright: the time dilemma (part 1)

by Rights Chain Initiative, 2017-11-20

When we use the Internet as a mere tool for sharing information and documents, we usually tend to think of what happens in the next few hours.

The uncontrolled moderation of social media

by Rights Chain Initiative, 2017-08-28

The imposition of search controls on search engines, sites and social media is having an ever greater impact on the presence and persistence of online content.


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