Since the advent of the Internet, Copyright industry has been struggling to find a way to adapt itself. A two centuries old monopoly detained by editors has been disrupted by the Digital Age. Creators now can build and share their creativity without the need of long waits and approval from and editor.

More and more ways of sharing contents are born every now and then: user generated content platforms allow Creators to share their works to massive audiences.

But things come at a cost. And the cost is the right of creators to protect their works.

Rights Chain created its platform in order to harmonise Copyright management in the Digital Age.

By listening and comparing Creator’s needs, legal frameworks and technologies, we deliver online services allowing Authors enforcing and protecting their rights as rightsholders.

The Rights Chain Platform today allows Content Creators to register their digital artworks and attributing themselves as authors and associate each work with a copyright license.

For Businesses using digital contents, rcRMS offers tools to track rights transfer and archiving of commissioned works.


Our services

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Original Copy Conservation
  • Proof of Registration
  • Identity Verification
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From the media

How blockchain copyright protection will thwart pirates

by Decrypt / Andrew Hayward, 12/01/2020

Blockchain could help streamline and modernize copyright processes, protecting artists from pirates. Here’s a look at how and who’s behind it.

Timenet VISION 2019 - Il riepilogo della giornata - YouTube

by Timenet, 10/07/2019

Sebastian Zdrojewski, CEO at Rights Chain guest at the Vision even organised by Timenet, an Italian ISP and VoIP provider. Topics? IoT, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Sebastian Zdrojewski


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Daniele Picca
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Gianluca Rotino
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Maurizio Picciotti
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Stefano Parlangeli
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Luca Donnarumma


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Mauro Toselli
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